Thursday, February 23, 2006

Canada: New Statistics Relating Aging, Health and Work

Using data from the 2003 Canadian Community Health Survey, Statistics Canada has released a study showing that while the people in Canada's labour force who were within 10 years of retirement in 2003 were generally in good or excellent physical and mental health, nearly half a million (19%) individuals aged between 50 and 69 had already left the labour force because of health-related reasons. Individuals not working because of ill health rated their physical and mental health as fair to poor, with chronic conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism, high blood pressure and back problems being common concerns.
Their loss is important because of rising concerns over a labour shortage in coming years as the baby-boom generation nears retirement and the growth in Canada's population slows. In 2002, 20% of workers were within 10 years of the median retirement age, double the proportion 15 years earlier.
Source: The Daily Statistics Canada (February 22, 2006)

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