Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ohio: Pushing To Eliminate Social Security Offset for Unemployment Benefits

According to a report in the Canton Repository, "[a]dvocates for seniors and the jobless are pushing for changes that would allow Social Security recipients who work to draw full unemployment benefits if they lose their job." Policy Matters Ohio is a nonprofit research organization that advocates changing the state’s system, and Ohio’s Unemployment Compensation Advisory Council, which makes recommendations to lawmakers, is expected to discuss the reduction at a meeting Feb. 8.

Source: "Social Security recipients see jobless benefits reduced" The Canton (OH) Repository (Janaury 31, 2006)

Additional Resources:
A Janaury 22, 2006 article in the Columbus Dispatch says that Rep. William J. Seitz, Cincinnati, a Republican state lawmaker, is pushing to end Ohio's "offset" of Social Security. He hopes "to help our senior citizens who are rudely awakened to find their Social Security benefits are offset against their unemployment comp benefits when they have to get a second job merely because Social Security isn't enough."

See prior article on the AARP campaigns to repeal Social Security offset provisions in state unemployment laws.

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