Saturday, September 30, 2006

Europe: Workers Believe Employers Are Age-biased

According to a Monster Meter poll, 46% of workers across Europe believe their organisations discriminate against older workers when it comes to looking for new recruits. "Norwegians lead the way in terms of a balanced view, and Germans observed the highest percentage of discrimination against older workers when looking for new recruits."
“The issue of age discrimination is a hot topic within the recruitment world,” comments Alan Townsend, COO for Monster UK and Ireland. “From the initial job posting right through to the HR handbook, organisations must be mindful that they are not discriminating against any potential recruits based on their age. Having a workforce that is age diverse is an indicator of good practice within a company. Furthermore, as we head towards the ’knowledge economy’ the more experienced employee brings a superior level of understanding and a richer skill set - which benefits the company as a whole.”
Source:"Almost Half of European Workers Believe Their Organisations Discriminate Against Older Workers" (September 29, 2006)

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