Saturday, November 03, 2007

Australia: Survey Shows Older Workers Not Planning To Retire Soon

News reports on the results of a Nielsen survey suggest that a growing majority of Australians aged over 55 year have no plans to retire. Specifically, the Nielsen Panorama study found 55% of all workers aged 55 to 64 in 2007 had no plans to retire in the short term, up from 43% from just last year. Furthermore, among workers aged 55 to 59 who were planning a retirement, 44% intend to go for semi-retirement, up from only 32% in 2006, with a similar shift among 60 to 64 year olds.
But Philip Taylor, director of Swinburne University's Business, Work and Ageing Centre for Research, said older workers could be staying at work for longer because they had little choice.

"We may be leaving behind the era of early retirement … it may be about the boomers aspiring to work longer, but one should also ask whether these older workers are being forced to work longer," he said. "Because the Government is rolling back the welfare state that might otherwise have supported them, they're being forced back into the labour market."
Source: The Sydney Morning Herald "Boomers ain't ready to quit workforce" (November 1, 2007); The Age "Grey is good, grey is great, grey works" (November 2, 2007)

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