Saturday, November 17, 2007

United Kingdom: Engineering Firms Redesigning for Older Workers

The Royal Academy of Engineering has released a study showing that engineering businesses are re-designing the future of work in order to cope with the ageing population. The survey of 208 engineering businesses was commissioned by the Royal Academy to investigate awareness and opinion relating to older employees within engineering based businesses.

According to "Engineering Employers Research 2007," 44% of the firms experienced recruitment difficulties over the last year; 49% believed their workforce would face a shortage of young people over the next decade; and 71% are concerned about the loss of skilled workers as employees retire. In response to this, according to the survey:
  • 91% of the firms favor their employees working beyond the age of 65;
  • 58% offered re-training to their older workers;
  • 36% had increased the pay of older workers to encourage them to stay in employment;
  • 46% enabled retirees to return to work; and
  • 30% had created a reserve of retired workers who can be called upon to work on discrete projects as and when required.
Source: Royal Academy of Engineering News Release (November 16, 2007)

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