Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Employers Becoming More Proactive in Hiring, Retaining Workers over 50 has issued the results of research that it has conducted findings that the environment for U.S. workers over 50 years of age, and consequent employee and job seeker perceptions, have improved and become "age friendlier" in the past year. As part of its process of certifying companies for its "Age Friendly Certified Employer," has seen an "ongoing, encouraging trend that U.S. employers are increasingly embracing the value of age 50+ workers—as evidenced through increased hiring, support of age as an element of diversity HR programs, affirmative action in providing meaningful employment, flexible work arrangements, training and development opportunities, and provision of competitive pay and benefits to ‘older’ workers."

In addition, its conclusions are bolstered by the findings of its 2008 "Age Bias in the American Workforce" Research Report that will be issued later this quarter.

Source: Press Release (April 14, 2008)

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