Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Manpower Survey of Talent Shortages, Whitepaper Encourage Retention of Older Workers

Manpower Inc.'s third annual talent shortage survey reports that 31% of employers worldwide are finding it more difficult to fill jobs, with skilled manual trades, sales representatives, and technical workers in the areas of production/operations, engineering and maintenance being the hardest to find. Simultaneously, Manpower has updated its whitepaper on the talent crunch, highlighting the growing talent shortages around the world and what businesses, governments and individuals should be doing to adapt their human resource strategies, and encouraging employers, among other things, to take strategic measures to encourage older workers to stay in the workforce must be put in place.

According to the whitepaper--"Confronting the Talent Crunch: 2008"--"employers can increase their overall pool of available
talent by finding innovative ways to prolong an individual’s active working life." Employers should not look at upcoming retirements as cost-saving opportunities, but need to encourage older individuals to stay on. This may involve redesigning jobs, honing attraction and retention policies, maintaining the loyalty of former employees, and fostering inclusivity.

Source: Manpower, Inc. Press Release (April 22, 2008)

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