Sunday, April 27, 2008

Singapore: Working Group Issues Advisory on Reemployment of Older Workers

Singapore's Tripartite Implementation Workgroup (TIWG) has released a Tripartite Advisory on the "Re-employment of Older Workers" to help companies adopt re-employment early, ahead of its legislation by 2012. The Singapore government is committed to enact re-employment legislation by then to enable more people to continue working beyond the current statutory retirement age of 62--initially, up to 65 and, later, up to 67.

The TIWG has drafted an Advisory that identifies good practices in areas such as pre-retirement planning and re-employment consultation, job arrangements upon re-employment and re-employment contract durations. The TIWG is soliciting feedback from companies implementing the Advisory.
Chairman of the TIWG and SNEF Council member Mr Alexander Melchers said, "Re-employment is a new concept for many employers. The advisory is meant to assist them, by offering practical suggestions to implement re-employment in their company."
In addition,
Mr Melchers added, "For re-employment to work, companies need to start reviewing and implementing changes to their HR systems and policies, including performance management and wage structures. Companies should do this as soon as possible, because this is not a process that can be accomplished overnight." He also said the re-employment of older workers was another way to tackle the increasing problem of a lack of skilled labour in Singapore
Sources: Ministry of Manpower Press Release (April 23, 2008); Today Online "For those over 62, the shape that re-employment deal could take: (April 24, 2008)

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