Wednesday, April 30, 2008

France: Pension Reform Proposals Aim to Retain More Older Workers

Pension reform proposals in France include measures to raise the number of older people in the workforce, including threatening companies with penalties if they do not increase their number of staff aged 55 to 64 and requiring employees to work 41 years, not 40, to qualify for a full state pension.

According to earlier pronouncements from the Labor Ministry, the Government's aim in building on the 2003 pension reforms is, among other things, to increase the level of employment of older people and to promote freedom of choice of everyone to prepare his retirement.

According to a March 25 letter from Minister Xavier Bertrand, the Ministry has just begun a phase of dialogue with all stakeholders and to solicit proposals from the social partners on various aspects of pension reform. At the end of this first phase of consultation, a policy document will be made public, a document on the basis of which discussions will continue with the social partners.

Sources: BBC News " France says 'take on older staff'" (April 28, 2008); Ministrère du Travail, des Relations sociales, de la Famille et de la Solidarité Dossiers (April 4, 2008)

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