Friday, July 18, 2008

Denmark: Study Reports Growth in Employment among People 60 and Older

According to an English summary posted on, a report prepared by Denmark's Economic Council of the Labour Union ("Arbejderbevægelsen Erhvervsråd") shows that, among the employed people over 60, the number of persons employed have gone up with 45.000 persons since 2004. The highest growth has been in the group of people age 60-62, while, compared to the size of the workforce, the highest percentage has been for people age 65, where the growth has been from 8.000 to 13.000 in three years.

The Council's report suggests that this growth is not only due to the higher number of people in that age group, but rather that there it represents a change in behavior among these people--they have simply chosen to stay longer at the labor market.

Full report in Danish is also available.

Source: "Great growth in work frequency among elders in Denmark" (July 17, 2008)

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