Friday, July 18, 2008

Survey: Older Workers Happier than Younger Workers

Vodafone UK has released survey results that older people are the happiest and most motivated workers in Great Britain, with satisfaction levels soaring above those in their twenties, thirties and early forties. According to "Working Nation 2008: The Nature of Work", 97% of those working beyond 65 feel "enabled" in their work (compared to just 61% of 31-35 year olds), seven out of ten workers of 50 and over say they are fulfilled, with just half of 25-31 year olds saying the same, and satisfaction levels peak at over 90% among the oldest age group (65 and over).
As was noted in the introduction to this report, there is a widespread assumption prevalent today, as illustrated by the CMI Management Futures report, that technology will fundamentally change the world of work over the next ten years. Attendant to this assumption is the feeling that the consequence of this change will be that young people will be handed an unprecedented advantage, allowing them to leapfrog older generations into positions of power and create hitherto undreamed of new business opportunities.

This report serves to temper that view with the perspective of older generations, bringing to the fore the human factors that in many ways cannot be substituted or replaced, regardless of technological innovations.
In addition to issuing the report, Vodafone has created a Working Nation blog for additional follow-up.

Source: Vodafone UK Press Release (July 17, 2008)

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