Tuesday, July 01, 2008

France: Boomers Want To Retire at Normal Retirement Age

A survey commissioned by the Union Mutualiste Retraite (UMR) focusing on how employees aged 45 and over are thinking about their retirement, these baby boomers are seen asworried and not necessarily very well organized or informed: 80% say they feel worried about their retirement and 27% said they were very worried. However, regardless of how ready they are financially, most employees aged 45 and over do not want to work more to earn more after retirement.

According to UMR, the majority of boomers (60%) would continue to work for the minimum number of years required by law to receive a full pension. And many of the others, want to work less than that, even if it means getting less that a full pension.

Source: Union Mutualiste Retraite Press Release (June 17, 2008)

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