Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Survey: Economic Environment Leading to Delayed Retirements in United States

A survey of retirement plan sponsors conducted by International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans finds that plan participants appear to be responding to the current economic and financial crisis by delaying retirement, saving less, and re-aligning their retirement investments. Specifically, 46% of plan sponsors stated their employees and plan participants are considering delayed retirement, and 38% noted that their employees are concerned about not saving enough for retirement.

In addition to reporting a jump in the number of plan participants considering delaying retirement, the report "Plan Sponsors and Participants: Partners in Times of Crisis" finds that a quarter of plan sponsors citing an increase in the actual number of eligible workers postponing retirement. With respect to investments, nearly 30% of respondents report that defined contribution plan participants have decreased their overall retirement plan contributions and 34% believe plan participants have reduced their exposure to equities in favor of less risky investment alternatives.

Source: International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans Press Release (October 29, 2008)

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