Sunday, October 19, 2008

Survey: Nonprofit Employers See Appeal in Hiring Encore Workers

According to a survey published by MetLife Foundation and Civic Ventures, 50% of nonprofit employers see encore workers--employees who have finished their midlife careers--as highly appealing, with an additional 39% finding them moderately appealing. In addition, the survey finds that nonprofits with experience hiring late-career or recently retired workers are the most positive (53% versus 40%) about hiring more.

Other findings reported in "Tapping Encore Talent: A MetLife Foundation/Civic Ventures Survey of Nonprofit Employers" include: (1) 69% of nonprofit employers rate the valuable experience encore workers bring to the job as a significant benefit, and 67% say the same about encore workers’ commitment and reliability; and (2) 25% of the employers expressed "serious concerns" that encore workers could demand higher salaries, 23% that workers would be reluctant to learn new technology, 20% that they would lack technical/professional skills, adn 19% that they could have higher insurance/benefit costs.

In addition to detailing the survey results, the report includes an essay and several commentaries on the use of boomers in second careers by nonprofit employers.

Source: Civic Ventures News Release (October 16, 2008)

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