Monday, October 20, 2008

Survey: Older Workers Less Inclined To Impress Boss To Ensure Job Security

A recent Ranstad USA survey suggests that the turbulent economy may be forging stronger ties as employees look to shore up their job security, but that older employees are less inclined to flexibility. While 72% of employees would do something to impress their boss, this declines to 62% for workers 55 and older. Similar differences appear for each of the kind of thing than an employee might be willing to do to create more job security:
  • take on additional work or responsibilities: 57% overall, 53% mature employees;
  • work overtime to create more job security: 47% of all employees, 36% mature employees;
  • stay late/come in early to show additional face time: 40% all employees, 22% mature employees;
  • social with boss outside of office: 15% all employees, 4% mature employees;
  • do personal favors, such as run errands: 11% all employees, 8% mature employees.
Overall, the survey finds that 77% of employees said they positively relate to their boss and 64% characterize their bosses in complimentary terms. Ranstad USA suggests that this "level of favorability may be a direct result of companies’ recent focus on creating better workplace environments and designing more employee-centric programs and tools."
"Employees’ professional development and morale should always be a priority for employers, and especially in an economic slowdown when employees may feel additional burdens," said Eric Buntin, managing director, marketing and operations for Randstad USA. "A healthy employee-employer relationship based on mutual respect greatly contributes to an overall positive workplace attitude. Employers who connect with their employees create an environment where workers are more engaged in their jobs and, thus, more productive. This can positively impact the bottom line."
Source: Ranstad USA Press Release (October 20, 2008)

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