Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Commentary: Companies Must Look Across Generations and Borders for Talent

Building on the results of the Human Capital Institute's survey of HR executives, its executive director Allan Schweyer writes that "the winners of the war on talent will welcome talent of all ages and varieties, and they will build their networks into the farthest reaches of the planet." Given the widespread shortages of talent that are already occurring across the country, he finds a strange paradox in the survey findings taht While more than half of the executives agreed that the aging workforce is an issue that must be dealt with because it will lead to a workforce shortage, less than one-quarter said that the aging of their workforce is an issue that is strategically very important to them.
It is imperative that executives and senior managers, from small, mid-size and large firms, understand the implications of our aging and diversifying domestic talent pools as well as the dynamics of a global workforce that is expanding at lightning speed. For human resources leaders, knowledge of best practices in retaining older workers is key. For recruiters, knowledge of top sources for recruiting the diverse workforce and of the factors that appeal to diverse recruits is critical.
Source: "Build Talent Pipelines Across Generations, Cultures and Borders" (May 2006)

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