Tuesday, May 16, 2006

McKinsey Survey Finds U.S. Workers Retiring Early

Despite growing financial pressure to stay in the workforce, a report by McKinsey & Co., based on a national survey of 3,086 people, shows that American workers are far more likely to be forced into an early retirement than many expect. Writing for the LA Times, Jonathan Peterson reports that 40% of retired workers left their jobs sooner than they had planned, usually because of health problems or the loss of employment, and that while 45% of people currently employed planned to keep working past age 65, only 13% of polled retirees had done so.
McKinsey's data do not mean that the trend toward a later retirement age is changing, experts say. But the facts counsel caution to those who discount the challenges of working into their late 60s or beyond, and they suggest that many who assume they will work late in life may be mistaken.
Source: "Many Forced to Retire Early" Los Angeles Times (May 15, 2006)

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