Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Zealand: Flexible Working Options Attract Older Workers

According to the Work and Age Report 2006, a recent survey conducted by the New Zealand EEO Trust, employers would be better placed to retain the skills of older workers if they offered quality part-time work and flexible working hours. With more than 6,400 people responding (most over 45 years old, but 24% younger than 45) to questions about what workplace conditions would encourage them to continue working past their expected retirement date, quality part-time work and flexible working hours were the most popular options.

Reliability is the number one quality older people bring to the workplaces according to survey respondents. In addition, most agreed that older people provide good customer service and communication skills, are committed to their careers, have skills in training people, show initiative and are able to create a good atmosphere in the workplace. However, about one in three respondents said they had experienced difficulties at work due to people being different ages, and a third said they had experienced discrimination at work due to their age.

Source: Equal Employment Opportunities Trust Media Release (May 26, 2006)

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