Wednesday, May 31, 2006

United Kingdom: New Surveys, Resources for Working Retired

Research conducted by Heyday, a new retirement website being launched by Age Concern, shows that Baby Boomers in Great Britain are intent on reinventing retirement with many people no longer following a traditional pattern of working up until State Pension Age and then retiring full time. Among Heyday's findings: 58% of working people in their 50's and 60's want to work in some capacity beyond retirement and almost 10% say they won’t retire at all, but 64% say it is impossible to get a new job within 10 years of retirement.

Heyday is also launching "Have Your Say"--a new survey--to find out the hopes and fears of people approaching or in early retirement. "Heyday is inviting over 10 million people to have their say on all the burning issues--work, ageism, pensions and more. This feedback will not only shape Heyday as an organisation, but will create a powerful voice on what Britons want out of modern retirement."

Source: Age Concern News Release (May 30, 2006)

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