Friday, May 19, 2006

Upcoming Aging Workforce Conferences Announced

Two organizations focusing on the aging workforce have announced conferences devoted to these issues.

First, Boston College Center on Aging & Work has announced its inaugural conference on "Aging of the Workforce: Competitive Advantages or Vulnerabilities" for May 31-June 2, 2006 , in Newport, RI.
A timely opportunity for human resource professionals and other corporate executives to explore ways to link worker talent to strategic business goals. The meeting will put aging issues in broader business contexts and provide a chance to apply lessons-learned to your company. Leaders from business, universities, and the media will share their views with participants. Time allotted forquestion-and-answer and active participation will enable you to hear from peers, test your ideas and evaluate your own experiences with engaging the talent of older workers. The meeting is free but open by invitation only; reservations
are required
in advance.
Second, the University of Pittsburgh's Institute of Politics is presenting "The Aging Workforce: Challenge or Opportunity?" June 23, 2006 in Pittsburgh, PA.
This event will bring national and regional leaders together to consider the implications of southwest Pennsylvania's aging workforce. Regional research indicates that the mining, manufacturing, transportation and utility industries are disproportionately mature and that few companies in these sectors have fully considered the implications of their workforce demographics. For additional information please contact Vanessa Lund at the Institute of Politics.
Source: Aging Workforce News Conferences and Events Regularly Updated

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